Unblock Websites

Using our VPN connection, you can unblock internet connection and access various blocked websites and services like, you can:

Unblock Twitter, Unblock Facebook and other blocked social networking sites Unblock YouTube, and other Video Sharing sites Unblock Skype, Vonage and many other VoIP services Unblock Games Websites

Many countries restrict the online behavior of their citizens. Countries like China, UAE, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran and many other Middle Eastern countries and now Turkey! In order to gain complete access and freedom on internet you can use a reliable VPN service like our and access your favorite websites from where ever you want to! Like you can:

Unblock websites from your country!
Unblock websites from workplace / office
Unblock websites from school

Technical details:
- For create tunnel we use PPTP - simple configuration in Windows, Mac OS, Androind, iOS, etc..
- we have thousands IPv4 addresses located in Czech republic(central Europe)
- Fast internet connection(from 500 to 1000Mbps)

We rent from single IP to thousend n X 256 IPs subnets.
Price from 0.99 USD/month.
For other information send mail to vpn@jiritucek.cz.